I am so in love and it feels incredible. The feeling I get when we’re laying in bed and he repeatedly strokes his hands through my hair and tells me he loves me is indescribable. The intimacy we share when it’s just us alone in his room is something I’ve never experienced with anyone else. When he grabs my face and kisses me on the cheek my heart stops for a moment and everything is perfect. It’s like wow… he really loves me. I had no idea love like this even existed which makes me feel like the luckiest kid in the universe. I still get nervous everytime I kiss him on the cheek back and I don’t know why - but usually he just smiles, makes a funny comment and then we end up holding each other for a while. I take in his warmth, his scent, and I remind him of how much he really means to me. These intimate moments are nice, because we’re usually just loud and crazy and complete goofballs and you wouldn’t think we have such a bromantic relationship. Which is why they are also the best part of my day.

  • Him: Remember that time when you kissed me?
  • Me: Yeah. Remember that time when YOU kissed me?
  • Him: *smiles*

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so cute

i was falling asleep in his bed then he sorta just covered me with a blanket and crawled in with me and we cuddled and it was adorable. literally nothing compares to the bond i share with this kid. how we can laugh, joke, and talk to each other about anything. How we can lay in bed and just open up and speak whatever is on our minds to eachother without anyone else there to judge what we’re saying. How he holds me hand or plays with my hair while we’re cuddling and tries to describe just how much he loves me. over the last year i have shared some of the most precious moments of my life with my best friend and I thank God that I have such a wonderful person in my life.


  • Me: Just a casual reminder that I love you. (: Seriously though, get some rest and have a great day tomorrow.
  • Him: Awww I love you bro. :) goodnight! tomorrow will be your day!

Gay chicken.

A fun game between “straight” bros….

Here are the rules.

  1. Someone announces “gay chicken”
  2. The announcer slowly leans in towards the face of their opponent (as if to kiss)
  3. Whoever backs out first, loses.

That’s it.

Lips are not supposed to touch. It’s to see who is “more comfortable in their sexuality”.

Or an excuse to potentially kiss your best friend who you’re in love with. (whoops, that might only apply to me).

We play this all the time. Sometimes while we’re in bed, my best friend will announce gay chicken… and I usually lose. But sometimes, I don’t back away… and he’ll linger there for a few extra moments… so close that I can feel his long eyelashes when he blinks. this has never resulted in a kiss.

Falling more in love every day.

I love it when he:

-holds me as tight as he can while we’re cuddling.

-reminds me that I’m his best friend

-gives me back massages

-gives me eskimo kisses… followed by that adorable playful smirk

-tells me he loves me and that I’m the best thing that has ever happened to him

-asks me to cuddle

-says yes when I ask him to cuddle

-is the big spoon

-hugs me long and hard while swaying me back and forth

-compliments me

-tickles me

-walks around shirtless, or climbs into bed with only boxers on

-lays his head on my chest while I’m on my laptop

-just stares at me while we’re cuddling until we both start smiling

Off to a great start…. (:

We’re back at school - sophomore year… and everything is amazing. Meeting new people, lots of fun welcoming week activites, and yes, I am still madly in love with my roommate. Luckily for me, he’s missed me a LOT this summer and had been extra affectionate - so much hugging, cuddling, etc. Even in public… he seems to ALWAYS have his arm around me as if to say “hey everyone, this is my best friend”. He’s more comfortable with showing affection in public than I am and it’s weird. I’m the one who’s secretely in love. Last night I was really tired and he came and snuggled with me until I was almost asleep. He tucked me in (jokingly) and turned off my lights and I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face. This morning he heard me shut off my alarm at 8:00am and by 8:02 he had already come in my room for some morning cuddling. Nothing makes me happier to know that he wants to be close to me, especially when he initiates it. I just wrapped my arm around his body and layed my head on his *ahem… big, strong* chest. I can’t even tell you guys how many “I love you’s” we’ve exchanged so far and how much we just sit there and talk about how much we enjoy each other’s company.


  • Him: *with picture* Dude, my xyloband just randomly lit up.
  • Me: Ahhh, so cool! The concert was so amazing. It was seriously the best night of my life.
  • Him: Every night with you is the best night of my life. ;)
  • Me: Hahaha! I freaking love you and your corny lines.
  • Him: Well they still work don't they? Aren't you in my bed like every night? They've been working all year.
  • This boy is so cute I just can't stop smiling. He always uses these really cliche romantic lines on me and I play it off like it doesn't give me intense butterflies. I mean, I tell him that I love him, but I don't tell him how I love him. If only he knew. </3

Snuggling up next to you

Lying motionless.

Besides our inhaling

And exhaling

As I study every detail of your beautiful face.

Those long dark eyelashes

The little unshaven hairs on your chin.

Your irresistable pink lips.

I move a little closer

My heart beats a little faster

You lean in and give me a little eskimo kiss.

And I nearly drown.

He is so cute I could just stare into his eyes forever and when did I become such a sap?