horny as hell.
time to cam and show off my ass to sexy strangers.

If you’re a guy who has kik and wants to trade pics… take advantage of me now while I’m feeling extra horny/slutty.

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This rarely happens but…

I have a serious crush on a guy.

I don’t know him very well because he’s a 4th year nursing student who only goes to my school part time, but we got put on the same team for volleyball intramurals so I at least get to see him every tuesday night. He always wears a sleeveless tshirt and I do not mind getting a glimpse of his muscles every now and then. Also, he is incredibly friendly, funny [the quick and witty type] and a sweetheart.

Anyways, he added me on facebook 3 weeks ago, and asked me what time our game was next week. We ended up chatting for a good while just asking questions and getting to know each other and he seems really cool. He’s 3 years older than me and lives pretty far from campus, but our last game is this week and I really want to see him again. He seemed to be really interested in getting to know me though. He asked me where i was from, if I had a car, what my future plans were, what year of school I was in, etc. I mean… he really kept the convo going. idk…

From all things I can tell, he is straight. But I looked through a lot of his facebook stuff (yeah im a stalker, whatever) and he has never had a girlfriend (or has deleted all traces of one), he’s a nursing student so naturally he has a lot of female friends and he supports gay marriage… so there is a small chance I could go for this. He seemed to be pretty dang friendly with me online but we don’t get to much interaction other than that. How the heck do I get myself to see this kid again?

Last night we were cuddling and holding each other very tight.

He told me that I was very comforting, and I’m his favorite person to hold when he’s feeling stressed out. Even more so than his girlfriend. I kissed him on the cheek and said “You’re my best friend” and then we just looked at each other and smiled for a few moments. I literally cannot even express how much I love this kid. And I know that it’s real love.

For me, these are the moments that make life worth living for.

I am so in love and it feels incredible. The feeling I get when we’re laying in bed and he repeatedly strokes his hands through my hair and tells me he loves me is indescribable. The intimacy we share when it’s just us alone in his room is something I’ve never experienced with anyone else. When he grabs my face and kisses me on the cheek my heart stops for a moment and everything is perfect. It’s like wow… he really loves me. I had no idea love like this even existed which makes me feel like the luckiest kid in the universe. I still get nervous everytime I kiss him on the cheek back and I don’t know why - but usually he just smiles, makes a funny comment and then we end up holding each other for a while. I take in his warmth, his scent, and I remind him of how much he really means to me. These intimate moments are nice, because we’re usually just loud and crazy and complete goofballs and you wouldn’t think we have such a bromantic relationship. Which is why they are also the best part of my day.

  • Him: Remember that time when you kissed me?
  • Me: Yeah. Remember that time when YOU kissed me?
  • Him: *smiles*

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Got an ask about an update. here you go!

Not too much going on between me and him other than the fact that our friendship is flourishing and well, I still love him more than life itself [or insert any other overused cliche about love here].

Oh…. and we spend a lot of time in bed together, epecially lately. He usually sleeps in my bed for most of the night but our beds are only twin sized and we’re both tall guys, so sometimes one of us gets uncomfortable and moves to the empty bed. Last night while we were cuddling he grabbed my hand and we fell asleep holding eacho thers hands throughout the night and it was really cute. I love cuddling with him. Sometimes we spoon - we switch pretty evenly between big & little spoon. Sometimes we face eachother with our arms around each others mid-sections and our faces so close our noses touch (which a lot of times leads to playful little eskimo kissed). He’s such a cutie. My FAVORITE is when I lay on his chest and he rubs my head. umph.

It’s funny how during the day we aren’t romantic to eachother at all (strictly bros) but at night we really don’t hold back on being affectionate. Also the time where we open up, talk, vent, laugh, etc :P Best bromance ever i don’t even care.

Cuddling/napping for 2 1/2 hours in the morning?

i don’t mind…

Sometimes when I’m horny I get on cam with guys then afterwards I feel like a slut.

Plot twist: I’m a virgin.

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He kissed me!

Not a big deal.

A light little kiss on the cheek.

I went in to hug him and before he pulled me all the way into his arms… it happened.

Me: “You kissed me”.

Him: “Yeah, it happens.  

Him: (kidding) “I can feel you poking my leg”

Me: *playfully knees him in the leg*

That’s how it happened. He’s never kissed me before. Such a weird, exciting feeling.